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Let's say you're sitting with a patient who's angry with you, or who confesses he's Nike Free 3.0 V2 For Sale been planning suicide. You find yourself feeling anxious, afraid, or confused. You notice that you begin to clench your jaw and tighten your fists. Your shoulders rise toward your ears. You wonder what to do. Before formulating a response, you could try pausing for a moment to Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes return to your breath, the sensations of sitting, or the sounds in the room. Or, you can silently say to yourself, May we both be well. May we both be free from suffering. May we both live in wisdom and compassion. Connecting with your breath or your compassionate intention gives you a chance to pause, to come back into the present moment, to dispel the clouds of fear and confusion, Men Nike Free 3.0 V2 For Sale and to let your innate wisdom inform what you do next.
Current studies suggest that in successful treatment alliances, therapists are perceived Nike Free 4.0 Cheap Online as warm, understanding, and accepting, approaching their patients with an open, collaborative attitude. Mindfulness can help us develop these qualities. The foundational skill in mindfulness meditation of concentration Nike Free Shoes Cheap or focused attention can be very useful in the therapy hour, where so many factors can cause the mind to wander¡ªfor example, when the content of the session threatens us, or an outside worry distracts us, or the patient becomes disengaged, making his or her words less compelling, or we just get tired. Without mindfulness training, we may try to maintain attention by turning up the intensity or volume in order to keep things "interesting." Through mindfulness practice, we instead learn how to turn up our attention, to practice presence independent of content, to bring our Nike Free Run 2 Womens UK wholehearted attention to whatever is happening.
Many people are surprised by what happens when they bring attention to physical discomforts in Nike Blazers High Womens this way. Often they notice that pain sensations are not solid, but pulse and change from moment to moment, and sometimes pass without any special action on our part. By practicing being with discomfort during this concentration practice, we can gradually become better able to tolerate pain of all sorts, including the pain of difficult emotions. We can step back, seeing our thoughts and feelings as just thoughts and feelings, not as facts. Instead of getting lost in our perspective, we can redirect Cheap Nike Blazers Shoes UK our attention to the patient and what is unfolding in the present momentHow can we make mindfulness accessible to the widest possible range of patients? What are some of the challenges that arise and how do we respond to them skillfully? To help skeptical folks engage with a particular practice, try presenting it as an experiment, suggesting that others in similar circumstances have found it to be useful. Depending on the situation, it can be useful to share information from research studies and possibly your personal experience with the practice. We suggest keeping it short, no longer than three to five minutes, and then ask for a status Toms Canvas Classics UK report by asking, "What are you noticing?"
Feedback is useful in helping adapt or modify the practices Nike Blazer Sneakers UK for your patients. For example, when they say, "This isn't working¡ªI can't get my thoughts to stop," you'll want to educate them that mindfulness isn't about stopping thoughts, but coming into a kinder and more accepting relationship with them. If, however, someone reports, "This was really creepy. I had this image of my father standing over bed when Nike Blazer Low Men Shoes was a little girl," you may want to modify the practice or set it aside for the time being and try a different approach. Especially for those who have a history of trauma, we suggest starting with a meditation like the one above that focuses on sound and being present, rather than following the breath, which can be a trigger for trauma survivors. Our goal in introducing mindfulness practices to patients is not to turn them all into dedicated meditation practitioners, but to help them find balance, kindness, and fulfillment in their lives. When research shows that even a taste of mindfulness can help, we owe it to our patients (and ourselves) to Nike Blazer Low Women Shoes learn the practices and pass them on.
Every day we hear stories in the news of how our schools are Air Max Running Shoes Black Friday failing kids. The disparity between students who achieve high test scores and those who don't mirrors the division in our society between the "haves" and "have nots." Children who for one reason or another can't sit still, focus, or get along with their peers continue to fall behind academically, while concerned parents and teachers feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to intervene effectively. In his new book, The Way of Mindful Education, Nike Air Max Black Thursday Daniel Rechtschaffen argues that there is something simple that can be done to help change this: teaching mindfulness in schools. Rechtschaffen, a leading mindfulness educator and founder of the Mindful Education Institute, believes that mindfulness training can increase social-emotional skills¡ªlike attention, empathy, forgiveness, and impulse control¡ªthat help improve the classroom social climate and increase academic performance for Air Max 2011 Shoes Black Friday kids. However, Rechtschaffen warns against teachers using mindfulness exercises in their classrooms without first developing their own practice.
Research on mindfulness has proliferated in recent Air Jordans Shoes Black Friday decades, and the results are promising, according to Rechtschaffen. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to decrease pain, stress, depression, and anxiety, while increasing happiness and improving interpersonal relationships¡­at least in adults. Research with children, though more preliminary, suggests that teaching kids mindfulness skills may help decrease symptoms of ADHD, depression, anxiety, Cheap Air Jordan 1 and hostility, while increasing self-esteem and sleep quality, all of which has an impact on learning. Rechtschaffen's book is primarily a "how-to" for creating a mindful classroom. He suggests ways that teachers can become more mindful themselves so that they can role model the type of attention, self-control, and consideration they wish to see in their students. He also provides guidance for how mindfulness can be incorporated into classrooms of different age groups and needs, Air Jordan 11 Black Friday along with examples of mindfulness curricula that teachers can use in various settings.
"We often leap forward, wanting to help our kids relax, forgetting to notice Air Jordans Cheap Black Friday how anxious and in need of relaxation we are," he writes. "A teacher would never try to lead a math lesson if she didn't know the multiplication tables." Similarly, teachers trying to teach mindfulness won't get far with their students if they first don't model good emotional regulation and sensitivity toward their students' needs, he argues. In fact, Rechtschaffen claims that teachers may need mindfulness Black Friday Air Jordan 12 training more than their students. "Year after year I have watched schoolteachers entering the classroom on the first day as hopeful and inspired as a child taking its first steps" he writes¡ªonly to give up soon after. Mindfulness can help teachers feel reinvigorated and provide benefits to students indirectly, since teachers who are more mindful may be more attuned, compassionate, and flexible with their students. Still, a large part of his book is devoted to providing sample mindfulness lessons that can be used in classrooms or youth programs. The lessons progress though Air Jordan 11 Cheap Online four areas of mindfulness: For each area, there are suggested exercises for developing these skills in kids, along with reasons why it is important to learn.
Though some educators may feel that it's too much to add on to their already Black Friday Air Jordans Retro overcrowded lesson plans, Rechtschaffen suggests that teaching mindfulness saves time and aids students in the long run. "When students don't know how to pay attention or regulate their emotions, they easily fall into distracting behavior, often out of sheer frustration," he writes. As teachers, if we can offer these students the inner resources that Black Thursday Air Jordan 2014 they are lacking rather than penalizing them over and over, they have a much greater chance of thriving." And, ultimately, teachers save time, because they don't have to continually work to bring distracted, disruptive kids back into the learning fold. Is there any reason not to integrate mindfulness into schools? Rechtshaffen doesn't seem to think so, even though the research on mindfulness in children is still in its infancy, suggesting that its universal application in schools could be a bit premature. Even so, if current research Black Friday Air Jordan 3 trends continue, we may all be clamoring to get mindfulness into our schools.